International Circassian Association



List of the necessary documents to get the permission on temporary residence on the territory of Russian Federation.

1.     Application form in duplicate.

2.     Copy of the applicant's passport (notarially certified translation).

3.     Copy of the migration card.

4.     Copy of the birth certificate (notarially certified translation).

5.     Copy of the diploma (certificate\testimonial).

6.     Copy of the certificate of marriage (notarially certified translation).

7.     Copy of the husband's/wife's passport.

8.     Copy of the birth certificate of children until 14.

9.     Copies of passports and certificates of birth of near relations
having Russian citizenship.

10.  Notarially certified agreement of master of the house.

11.  Copy of the passport of master of the house.

12.  Extract from the personal account (house-register).

13.  Fingerprint card or certificate (fingerprints).

14.  Certificate on HIV (+ copy).

15.  Certificate from narcological dispensary (+ copy).

16.  Certificate on abscence of previous convictions.

17.  State duty that is 400 roubles (Savings bank) after reconciliation.

18.  4 colour and matt photos, 4x5

19.  Loose-leaf binder and 2 envelopes with postage-stamps.

Presence of the foreign citizen and the stateless person for individual handing in an application to get the permission on temporary residence is obligatory